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About Himanchal Sharma

Have you ever wondered who could be behind this blog.Behind all those blogging tuorials,news,reviews and also all those non-sense space theories.Maybe this won't be your thinking but maximum people think only this.Well here's your answer,I am Himanchal Sharma a student of class 9th studying in MPS interested in reading and writing about whatever I see or listen all around either web or in the real world.This blog's nothing more than a medium to express myself and distribute the knowledge I have to the people interested in such topics.I kept on reading and i adjoined a lot of knowledge and to make use of all the stuff I had in my mind I made this blog.I know a pretty about web designing and article writing which you can see in my blog's design and articles.I am working to improve myself and provide you a better experience.But I also need you because it's you who's reading all this because for me it is nothing more than just rubbish but because of you they are called article but maybe rubbish articles.Suggest me to improve this blog.Send me your problems or suggestions or your feedback on my email:- pcgameslab@gmail.com