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You are here: Home / 10 Tips That Can Improve Quality Of Your Content

10 Tips That Can Improve Quality Of Your Content

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10 Tips That Can Improve Quality Of Your Content

Why To Write High Quality Content ?

There are more than 250 million websites on the web but have you ever read on more than 5 websites while searching for something.No! We only read the content that is on the top of search engines and we do the so because we think that the content is good,that's why it has been in the top 3 search results.Not only in the search engines but quality is preferred more by the people also.So we can eventually say that to grow our website, content quality is preferred more.

10 Tips That Can Improve Quality Of Your Content

How To Write High Quality Content ?

Writing high quality content is neither a professionals task nor too hard,you only need more time and attention with some extra factors to write high quality content.Below I have recommended some tips to write high quality content to increase your website's traffic.

Tip 1. Forget About SEO And Write For Your Audience

While writing your content forget about SEO,search engines,ranking etc. things and only think about your content,pay all your attention to what you are writing,in this way you will be able to express yourself in a better way.

Tip 2. Don't Write In Too Professional Language

While writing your content don't use confusing words,confusing tone,confusing terms etc. things.While writing,try to be as simple as you can,your readers should understand well that what you want to say.Don't be too simple or it can bore your readers,try to use some attractive lines,simplicity is required only in language.

Tip 3. Use Attractive Images In Your Post

Only text in your post can bore your readers and even make them think that the content is unadjusted, so try to include images in your post.Include attractive images relevant to your posts and don't use too much images,it can spoil your content.Using too much images even increases the loading time of your posts.So use your images to maintain the attractiveness of your post,not to hide your mistakes.

10 Tips That Can Improve Quality Of Your Content

Tip 4. Ask Questions In Your Posts

To maintain the interest of your readers in the post you should ask them questions,it makes them feel that they are the part of a post they are reading.And even this can increase the comment rate of your blog

Tip 5. Don't Write Too Long,Be Specific.

"Cut To The Chase".You should make your article interesting by asking questions,conducting surveys etc. but don't forget about your content while doing all this.Remember you should provide the information to readers for which they came to your blog.Compile your content into short and well explained paragraph's ,you should increase the text only if something is left unexplained,don't stretch the text only for increasing the words in your post.

10 Tips That Can Improve Quality Of Your Content

Tip 6. Double Check Your Spelling And Grammar

While writing your post make sure twice that you don't make any spelling or grammatical mistakes,because if reader's find these mistakes too much than they simply leave the content without reading making a bad stereotype in their mind about your website. Grammatical mistakes even make content non-understandable.So double check your article before publishing it.

Tip 7. Make Title As Catchy As You Can

This one's the most important factor in the list.Reader's only read articles that are having catchy title.Here's an example:-
Title 1:- How To Write High Quality Content ?

Title 2:- 10 Tips That Can Improve Quality Of Your Content

Which title did you found more catchy,honestly the 2nd title.It catches more audience in comparison to the 1st title.So through this we can assume that catchy title's are an important factor of quality content.

Tip 8. Use Attractive infographics

Infographics are the best way to display the article in an attractive,stylish and elegant form.It enormously increases the traffic of website and even earn's words of praise from the readers.An infographic example can be found in a article posted by me related to increasing traffic in 2014.

10 Tips That Can Improve Quality Of Your Content

Tip 9. Inter-link your previous posts.

Try to link previous article's posted by you in your new post smartly.Let me show you an example:-
Linking Simply: Must Read This:- Android TV By Google
Linking Smartly: A new tech was introduced by google,heard about that ? Get To Know About It Here.

But remember to link relevant article's only.Link to a technology article only while writing a technology related post.Don't link to technology in a fashion related post,this can harm your impression on the readers.

Tip 10. Tone of article

Tone of article refers to the language of article.You should know that what tone do your audience need, like:friendly,professional,scientific etc. and write whole article in the same tone.Your tone neither should be too professional nor too friendly.Try to remain neutral.

Tip 11. Word-Limit

Most of the readers on the web like point-to-point and lengthy articles.It is observed that article's of 1000+ words gain more organic traffic in comparison to those of 400 words.Don't stretch your article unnecessarily but try to stretch it by including more relevant information in it.

Final Words

High quality articles are those that contain all the above phenomena's.Don't include all of the above in one post,these tips depend upon the content category of the blog.I was also like you before becoming aware of the tips above but now I increased my traffic by 40% by improving my content writing skills.You can spot the difference,read this article and read this article.You will surely like the second because I improved myself till posting the second article.So now your turn,If you recommend some other tips or if you need help in implementing any of the above phenomena's in your post than comment below.