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You are here: Home / How To Approach Popular Website Owners ?

How To Approach Popular Website Owners ?

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How To Approach Popular Website Owners ?

Why To Contact Popular Website Owners ?

As a newbie you might be having an ardent desire to ask author's of popular website's that how do they became so popular ? And I am sure that you might have tried once to do this but what most probably happens when you contact these big website owners,they don't reply and even ban you.This isn't because owners of big websites are douchebags but this is because of your wrong method to ask. I will tell you why, and also a way to contact them.

Why Do They Don't Reply Or Even Ban ?

As successful people they have a lot of work to do rather than replying to your questions,and they receive a lot of emails of people like you asking for money,content reviews etc. and due to their busyness they won't differ you from them until you are different.Before you make them think that they are different they would treat you as unimportant, so how to become important for them ?

How To Make Them Pick you ?

Here's a way to make them aware of the fact that you are different.Before asking them,try to give them something in exchange of something very less ! For example,try to help them in optimizing,coding etc. for free. Remember to not to help them in improving user experience because this everyone can do easily.Write short emails with point-to-point tweaks to them rather then including the plus point off their websites or telling them that you are impressed from them.Try to offer some of services.Dig deep and research to find out that how can you help them.

Why Do They Ban ?

How To Approach Popular Website Owners ?

Most of these famous people are humble and ready to help but they even ban you if you try to approach them,why ? They ban you or stop replying to you because they are fed up of you,you did something unusual or unlikely to them.And if you are banned then don't try to ask them to forgive you,start helping them,popularizing them and make them feel that you did something that you didn't wanted to.

Results Of Hard Work ?
How To Approach Popular Website Owners ?

Result of your hard work would be this that they would start liking you and reply to your emails,feature you on their website and even invest in you.But remember that here hard work matters a lot because you will be competing with millions of people already trying to draw their attention.They will only reply if your work has made any positive outcomes to them.