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How To Write A Attractive Guest Post ?

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 How To Write A Attractive Guest Posts ?

What Is A Guest Post ?

A guest post is a post that is done on some other website or blog.A guest post is a kind of article related to any category,but the difference between doing a guest post and writing a post on our blog is that, guest posts are done on the basis of rules laid by the author of blog on which you will be guest posting ,where as on our blog,we write what we wish to.

Why Should We Guest Post ?

In a article written by me, I have mentioned the best link building strategies,in which I mentioned that guest posting is the best way to build backlinks.This is so because,we get a safe and high pagerank backlink from post ,plus we also get traffic to our blog.So we can say that guest-posting is the most effective way to build traffic and backlinks.

Where To Guest Post ?

The best way to search for a guest post is smart queries.Here's how you can use them.
Let's assume that you will be guest posting about blogging,than we will find blog's with some common guest-posting titles:-

Blogging"Write For Us"
Blogging"Guest Post"
Blogging"Become An Guest Author"

Just make a search with above queries in google and you will find all the websites that accept guest posts from blogging niche.And if you want to guest post about another topic,then replace blogging with your keyword.For example make it like:-

Tech"Write For Us"
Tech"Guest Post"
Tech"Become An Guest Author"

How To Write A Effective Guest Post ? 

How To Write A Attractive Guest Posts ?

Guest-posting on high profile blog's is not a hard thing,but getting guest-post approved on those blog's is a really hard challenge.The best way to get them approve is quality of content and image with some other factors.Below I have mentioned some factors ,working on which your guest-posts will be approved on high authority blog's

  • Great Content
If you write your best content on your blog and give your 100% while writing it,then you need to give your 200% to get it approved on high profile blogs.For example: I did a guest post on coolblogtricks,the author of this website liked my post so much that he made me contributor of his blog,same guest post was capable of getting approved on all websites above 1000 alexa rank.But when I submitted the same guest post to moz,they said that my article was good but they need a more detailed post.Now next time I wrote a guest post which was approved by all websites with alexa rank above 500,and this time also by moz,but I removed it because I wanted to publish it on my blog.So this was my story,now you can understand that what quality do you need to be published on popular websites.If your post is too good for common author's than it might be a simple article for popular guest post moderators.

  • Images Should Be Very Attractive
The first impression of you on moderator is of the introductory image that you give,if it's too much great and attractive for you,than you can expect that it would be liked by the moderator.And if he likes the image,he reads the guest post or else maximum big website owners just throw the guest posts in their junk folder.They do this because the poor image quality would spoil their website's impression on readers.This means that you should give your 300% while creating images.

  • Internal Linking To Posts Of Their Website
Maximum popular website owners highly interlink their guest posts.If you would submit a simple post without any internal links,then they will do it,but this can irritate them.The second best way to get your guest post approved is to interlink the previous posts of website on which you are writing guest post.

  • Professional Tone
Simple and caring tone is used on our own blog's,because our audience is not familiar with many professional terms and methods.But the audience of popular website's is sometimes having more knowledge than you,so to impress the moderators you should use a professional tone and language.In addition to that a conversational tone can also be impressive.

  • Don't Drawback Your Post If It's Taking Time
Many popular websites which accept guest posts,take around a week to tell the stats of guest post.And maximum people take back their guest post thinking that it won't be published, that's why it's taking time.This is not so,your guest post on popular websites undergo several checks before being published.If your posts is taking time than think that it has passed most of the checks.If your posts is denied nearly end of the week than think that your guest post did well,but it was denied due to a minor issue.My guest post at moz has undergone through 6 different checks,and at last it was denied because my profile was not complete.This won't happen with you,but the synopsys of this incident was that complete your profile before submitting your post and have patience if your guest post is taking time.

How To Write A Attractive Guest Posts ?

Final Words

Guest-posting is a really very effective way,but it's being leveraged by people these days.Neil patel,the author of quicksprout said that he guest posts five times a week which derives 300,000+ visitors to his website.I myself tried it,it helps me to derive 700 visitor's a day to my blog.It's trustworthy.One tip that I would personally give is that, first start guest posting on small blog's and on the bases of the feedbacks that you will get from their owners,move to bigger websites.I first submitted guest posts on websites with alexa rank below 100,000.But when I observed that they loved it too much ,I switched to websites below alexa rank 10,000.For them also my guest posts were good,so finally I cam to post on websites which are under rank 1000.Use this strategy because trying directly on bigger websites would be a time waste.