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You are here: Home / Maleficent Movie Review,Story Synopsis + Movie Trailer

Maleficent Movie Review,Story Synopsis + Movie Trailer

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Maleficent Movie Review,Characters And Story Synopsis + Movie Trailer

Characters Of Maleficent

Maleficent 2014 Movie is starring Angelina Jolie,Elle Fanning,India Eisley,Kenneth Cranham,Miranda Richardson And Sam Riley.Other main character's are Sharito Copley,Peter Capaldey,Lesley Manville,Juno Temple,Imelda Staunton And Brenton Thwaites.This movie is based on an animated film of 1959 name as "Sleeping Beauty".

Story Of Maleficent

The story of maleficent is unique and is first of it's kind.Although movies related to fairies and wonderlands are made a lot but none of them is similar to maleficent.
Our story starts from a lovely and beautiful girl maleficent who knows magic and has wings stuck on her back.She is the guard of a wonderland full of strange creatures and plants,the land in which she lives is bordered by kingdom of a cruel human king.One day ,unknowingly the son of the cruel king steps into maleficent's wonderland.

Maleficent Movie Review,Characters And Story Synopsis + Movie Trailer

Maleficent And Stephan, two different creatures falls into love with each other.After sometime the cruel king orders to capture the land bordering to his kingdom,maleficent as an brave defender protects her land from the attack of cruel king but is disappointed from the betrayal of her love,which turns her sweet thinking into evil.She starts to plan a revenge against the king and his son Stephan.After sometime when Stephan is crowned as king and becomes father of Aurora, there comes a turning point in the story.

Maleficent Movie Review,Characters And Story Synopsis + Movie Trailer

Maleficent,to take her revenge,cruelly curses the daughter of Stephan,"Aurora".As the time passes conflicts between the two lands grow.Maleficent getting fed up of these conflicts recognizes the fact that Aurora is the only key to peace between the two world's.Aurora is the only one who can retain joy and happiness in life of both Maleficent and Stephan.

This Is What We Know Till Know

This is what we know so far about the story of the movie and knowing this only 5 words came out of my mouth, "Angelina Is Magnificent As Maleficent".As I mentioned above that the story is based on animated movie "Sleeping Beauty" we can guess that maleficent soon removes her curse from Aurora and lives happily.As soon as we get more information about the story,we will inform you,but till then tell us what you assume that happens next in the story by commenting below.