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You are here: Home / Google Announced Android TV,A Thrilling News.

Google Announced Android TV,A Thrilling News.

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Android TV By Google.A New Thriller Tech By Google.

About The News

From various popular websites and interview's, a stunning news came to me,Google's ready to launch an smart TV with android 4.1 including all the features that a android smartphone has.Google documents said that the made another new "Entertainment Interface" which will provide users a facility of accessing streaming services and various android apps.You can even play games on the android TV. Rumours are even saying that this TV will be able to predict what you want to see and will give recommendations on what you should watch.

Android TV By Google.A New Thriller Tech By Google.

What we can say ?

What we can predict on the basis of the images is that the features of this TV will be very similar to the google smartphone nexus 5.Some interviews even say that the TV will be accepting the voice commands and we would be able to resume or pause the current playing thing by a tablet or a smartphone.The android TV is not an computing platform,google said that it's about finding and enjoying content.This TV is like an apple or samsung TV in look with set up boxes and other things.

Android TV By Google.A New Thriller Tech By Google.

Gaming On The Android TV

The most attractive feature of the android TV was gaming.We can't say that the operating system for gaming would be android or something else and also we are doubtful that the gaming controller would be a remote or voice based.But on the bases of the actions taken by the google till now we can only guess that there would be a controller ,as google recently bought a game controller making company.

Release Time

If the rumours are true than we can estimate that the release of the TV is not too far away but not too near.I expect that it will be released within next two months.The price we can estimate of the TV is $1000+ maybe, but as google said that it's creating TV for the people so the price could be low even.

Video By Cnet Explaining More Detail