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You are here: Home / Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Review And Trailer

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Review And Trailer

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Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Review And Trailer

About The Game

We don't have enough data about the game,to tell you exactly everything that happens in it.But on the basis of leaks and rumours we know that the title is really crazy,but it shows that the game lies between borderlands and borderlands 2.We will be playing on a zero gravity planet either solo or with 4 3 characters and even with the claptrap in service of handsome jack,who was the most hated one in borderlands 2.The most interesting thing about the games is that you will be having everything completely different from borderlands and borderlands 2.Everything means environment,weapons,skills etc. things.

Trailer Of Borderlands The Pre-Sequel

Do We Know Only This ?

The games has not been announced or released officially yet,so this is the information all we have.But we can share our views here,tell me what do you think by commenting below.I will share that what do I think, according to me the game will be a great mind shocker and I think first of it's kind.