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Write For Us

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Write For Us

On What Topics Can You Write ?

We accept articles in a wide range of category and if you want to submit the article from one of the below categories than firstly you should read other articles related to that topic present on this blog.
  • Blogger Tips And Tricks
  • Topics Related To Astronomy 
  • About Gadgets
  • About Upcoming Tech
  • News Related To Tech
  • Review's Of upcoming Games
  • Review's Of Upcoming Mobiles
  • Review's Of Upcoming Movies
  • SEO Tips For Blogger's
  • Blogger Widgets
  • Software Review

What You Will Be Getting ?

  • A Backlink From This Site To Your's
  • You Will Get Features
  • Organic Traffic To Your Site
  • Popularity

Requirements For Guest Post Submission

  • Article Should Be Of Minimum 300 Words
  • It Must Contain At Least 3 Images Within It
  • No Affliliate Or Spam Links Included In The Article
  • You Can Place Maximum Two Links In Your Article,Related To The Article
  • Make Sure To Use Proper Grammar And Spellings
  • Your Article Should Be Unique,Not Copied.
  • You Won't Reproduce The Article Anywhere Else On The Web After Approval On This Site

How To Submit The Article ?

  • You Can Prepare The Article In Any Word Processor Like Microsoft Office Word Or Open Office Writer.
  • Double Check The Article For It's Compliance With Our Submission Guidelines
  • Send Me Your Articles On My Email:- pcgameslab@gmail.com
  • Your Article Will Be Reviewed Within 2-3 Days And If Approved Than It Would Be Live On TechnoPcArea.
  • Don't Send The Article To Multiple Sites.In Case,When Same Article Is Published On Some Other Site Also,The Article Will Be Removed