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What Is A Dwarf Planet ?

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What Is A Dwarf Planet ?

What Are Dwarf Planets ?

A dwarf planet is a simple planet with all the characteristics of a normal planet except being unable to clear it's neighbouring regions of planetomials.After the big debate of 2006,IAU ( International Astronomical Union ) added one more characteristic to it, that dwarf planet is also not a satellite.This characteristics feature was added after a very long debate on pluto's exclusion from our solar system.

What Happened With Pluto ?

Pluto was started to be classified as dwarf planet because it's gravitational force was not holding the orbit around our sun any more.A very long debate was held for the exclusion of pluto but it didn't reached to any answer,so to exclude it a new class of planets was given birth which came to be known as "Dwarf Planets".The real story behind this step was like this: According to the size of pluto,it was estimated that it's gravitational force might won't be able to hold a permanent orbit for it and because of a small irregularity in it's orbit it was classified as dwarf planet.