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You are here: Home / inFamous: Second Son Game Story,About Character And Title Explained

inFamous: Second Son Game Story,About Character And Title Explained

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inFamous: Second Son Game Story And Walkthorugh

About The Game: An Overview

"inFamous: Second Son",the title itself is not capable of describing the game category or game story.Game titles like god of war etc. can define themselves.On hearing title's like god of war we can guess that the game category is related to fighting and story is related to struggle. So today I will provide you the plot of inFamous: Second Son and the story behind the title of the game.The game is in rumours as it's the part of a popular series,"inFamous."

inFamous: Second Son Game Story And Walkthorugh

About Our Characster In inFamous: Second Son

Our character in the game is equivalent to an hero doing right things by using wrong and forceful methods.As the game story deals with a fight against an organization to protect people like us,we take some illegal steps and kill a lot of people.Same as a hero of a story who is fighting for the people, but the people are opposing him due to a misconception created by the villain.You might be thinking that why did I mentioned "People like us" in the above lines.I did this because our character in the game is of a mutant.

inFamous: Second Son Game Story,Full Plot Synopsis.

Story Of inFamous: Second Son

As I have mentioned above,we are acting as an mutant with very less like us left in the world.An organization is killing the mutants in our city, and our character play comprises of struggle to destroy the organization.An additional work of our's in the game is to free the mutants we find in our way.Some the mutants that we set free in our way also help us for a short period of time to kill the security.We have an awesome control over the fire using which we can even fly for a while and make long jumps.We can shoot fireballs with our hands.

inFamous: Second Son Game Story,Full Plot Synopsis.

Story Behind The Title

Despite of being incapable of describing itself,the title is found as interesting by most of the people.According to me the title has been kept as inFamous because the work of our character is good but the way of doing it is regarded as evil by the people.This shows that we are not famous among the people.And according to me "Second Son" represents the game as the second part of the inFamous series.I know this is a foolish thought but I shared it with you,what do you think,Comment !

inFamous: Second Son Game Story,About our Character And Title Explained

Platform Of Release

The game by now has been released only for the PlayStation4 as the requirements of the game can't be met by a PC.The makers will soon limit the game graphics and release it for the PC's but till than,only Playstation 4 is capable of meeting the graphical requirements of the game.This game for Pc will be available by September.Before that,only PS4 users can enjoy the playing the awesome game.On reading so much about the game,what do you think ? Comment !