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You are here: Home / Godzilla 2014 Movie Story And A Brief Review

Godzilla 2014 Movie Story And A Brief Review

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Godzilla Movie Story Synopsis And A Brief Review

Character Play

In The Movie Aaron Taylor Johnson Is Acting A Lieutenant Ford Brody who keeps fighting with the two creaturesThe main feature of the hero is his struggle to keep on fighting with two creatures in two different corners of the city.Ken Watanabe is the scientist who researches on godzilla.And other people starring in the movie possessing a main role are:- Bryan Cranston,Julietter Binoche,Elizabeth Olsen And David Strathairn.The screenplay of the movie was conducted by Max Borenstein.

Godzilla Movie Story And A Brief Review

Story Of The Movie

Story of the movie is hard to understand if you haven't seen the previous part of it.Same as in the previous part this time also the godzilla is awaken by the military who keeps on conducting nuclear tests in the oceans.After defeating the godzilla last time the confidence of army and pride enormously rises and thinking that they can again defeat the godzilla, they keeps conducting the test despite of knowing that these tests can result in rising of some other creature like godzilla.

Godzilla Movie Story And A Brief Review

And as expected godzilla in one corner with other creature in the other corner of the city awakens.On creature is a godzilla sleeping in the ocean,a big 350 ft dinosaur and the other was made by the lost city of atlantis to destroy a creature which in future could cause destructions.The godzilla has a thick skin and a long tail to protect itself from the military attacks and gills to swim in water with a capacity to withstand nuclear attacks at an extent.

Godzilla Movie Story And A Brief Review

The other creature has a capacity to shower fire balls and has a thick shell over it's skin to protect itself and has a weak stomach and is made to destruct godzilla.This creature can also stand on two legs like godzilla.The ending of both creatures takes place after an hilarious fight between the two.Before the release of the movie what can we expect ,who wins ? Comment what do you think.

Trailer Of Godzilla 2014