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The Division Review,Story And Price

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The Division Review,Story And Price

A newly announced game by the director of ubisoft in an recent meeting with a part of it's story and charecters plus the struggle to create the game.He said that the game is mainly based upon the real life story of a war and is forward carrying thetom clancy series of shooting games.This is a struggle between soldiers to live a peaceful life by protecting themselves and killing the enemy soldiers.

The Division Review,Story And Price

The graphics of the game are capable to blow your mind while playing.As the graphics are so amazing that you can't say this is a game and the things in game are 3d.I would say that this is the game which while playing you can say that it is of 3rd generation.The game is of mainly shooting category with an aim of defeating your enemy and has an amazing range of weapons and scenes during gameplay.

The Division Review,Story And Price

The objective of yours is very simple and same to most of the shooting games of protecting people and killing your enemy.The story of the game starts when a political fight between two countries turns into a severe war and we are made to protect our country rather than people.There are thousands of places where you need defeat your enemy and protect people with some of your following soldiers.

The Division Review,Story And Price

The price of the game will be around $150-$200 and after launch firstly would be available on only Playstation 4 And 3.Till now on the basis of analysis what i have done reading about the game on many forums and websites i found that this is the most demanded and appreciated game in the gaming history increasing the proud of gaming world.

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