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How To Use Dublin Core Meta Tags For Better SEO

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How To Use Dublin Core Meta Tags For Better SEO

What Are Dublin Core Meta Tags ?

Dublin core meta tags are a part of common meta tags family but are a bit advanced,old and posses a little bit more and different definition.They are preferred more because they are accepted by most of the search engines and are understood more by new search engines plus a popular SEO checker tool woorank also prefers dublin core tags..

Steps To Add The Code:-

  • Go to Template Tab Of Your Blog
  • Click On Edit Html Box
  • Add The Below Code Directly Below The <head> Tag Of Your HTML.
<!--Dublin Core Tags by http://technopcarea.blogspot.com/--> <META CONTENT='Your Blog's Title' NAME='DC.Title'/> <META CONTENT='Author's Name' NAME='DC.Creator'/> <META CONTENT='text/html' NAME='DC.Format' scheme='IMT'/> <META CONTENT='Keywords' NAME='DC.Subject' scheme='MESH'/> <META CONTENT='Publisher's Name' NAME='DC.Publisher'/> <META CONTENT='Your Blog's Url' NAME='DC.Identifier'/> <META CONTENT='en; English' NAME='DC.Language' scheme='RFC1766'/> <META CONTENT='Date Of Creation Of The Blog' NAME='DC.Date'/> <META CONTENT='Date Of Last Post' NAME='DC.Date.Modified'/> <META CONTENT='Description Of The Blog' NAME='DC.Description'/> <META CONTENT='text' NAME='DC.Type' scheme='DCMIType'/> <!--Dublin Core Tags by http://technopcarea.blogspot.com/-->
Final Words 

  These tags are not used by all new blog's and website's and are also not mandatory to be used so this is as an option.These codes are tu be added only in the main html not in the posts.