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You are here: Home / Far Cry 4 - Announced For Playstation 4 And PC

Far Cry 4 - Announced For Playstation 4 And PC

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Far Cry 4 - Announced For Playstation 4

About The Game

Finally I got the news of announcement by sony.Sony recently announced the release of far cry 4 for PC and playstation 4.The game is so awaited because the previous parts of far cry franchise already succeeded so well and now rumours say that this is the best ever of far cry series.This game contains a lot of new features and a story very similar to it's previous parts.Like other parts,this time also we will be in forest of Himalayas under a self-appointed king in a village filled with his terror.

Far Cry 4 - Announced For Playstation 4

Story Of Far Cry 4

As said above,the players will find themselves in Himalayas in a village under a self-appointed king with a wide range of weapons,vehicles and an unique ability to use animals.Experience of a open-world within a forest is very thrilling plus the graphics of Playstation 4 make it more exciting.Our gameplay in starting would be of conquering a fortress outpost from the backside of 6 ton elephant.The playground of Himalayas is not just pretty,but it encourages the players to live wild,to hunt,to explore,to ride on animals etc.You will be carrying full set of useful weapons that lets you to survive in the forest and make your way.

Trailer Of Far Cry 4

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