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How To Make All The External Link Nofollow In Blogger

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How To Make All The External Link Automatically Nofollow

What Are Nofollow Links ?

I have given a good explanation of backlinks in my article regarding link building,but here also I will give you a brief introduction to nofollow links.These are the type of links which are not followed or ignored by search engines.Making links nofollow doesn't affects the website to which you are linking,this means that even if you are linking to spam websites or to affiliate links then they would not be regarded as spam.

Why To Use Javascript For Making Links Nofollow ?

Making links nofollow manually is time consuming task and sometimes when you link a lot to other websites ,then it is irritating to make them nofollow.And conditions are even worse when you have done a lot of external linking in your previous posts.So this javascript turns your work easier by making all external links nofollow.You can't see it's effect in source of Html because you have not added it manually,but because index bots fetch the javascript differently so they will read the links as nofollow only.

Steps To Add It:-

  • Go to Template tab of your blog's html
  • Click on Edit html button
  • Search for </head> tag and add the following code in it:-

<!--Remove this if you are already using any jQuery.js file-->
<script src='http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.7.2/jquery.js' type='text/javascript'></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
jQuery(document).ready(function () {

jQuery('a[href*="http://"]:not([href*="http://technopcarea.blogspot.com/"])').attr('rel', 'nofollow');

jQuery('a[href*="https://"]:not([href*="http://technopcarea.blogspot.com/"])').attr("target", "_blank");

  • Replace my blog's url with your's and you are done

Note:- Remove The Jquery Script If You Have Already Added It

 My Experience With The Script

I myself used to struggle a lot for making links nofollow because I used to link a lot and by the time I came to know about importance of nofollow links I found that I have added already more than 300 external links.After searching a lot I came to know about this script and this script straight away affected my traffic by 45%.I would say that you must add this script if you do high quality link building,this would protect your hard work from being mashed with some spam links.