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Destiny Game Story And Review

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Destiny Game Story And Review

Story Of The Game

The story of the game has not been released officially,so we have a small overview of it's story which we will be providing you.
In the game,there's only one last city left with living humans.Suddenly an alien spaceship comes over the sky,what we know about it is that it is for helping us.Another alien spaceship attacks our last city from an corner of universe and we are knight as a part of an advanced army protecting our motherly earth.

Destiny Game Story And Review

What Do I Think ?

The game is not having a very unique story or gameplay as halo 5 and borderlands already comprise the completely same story but I expect some great environment and weapon series.A great technology is also enough to provide a better user experience, but in far cry 4 this fact was neglected and in destiny ,this is brought back.