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You are here: Home / Where Does Our Universe Exist ?

Where Does Our Universe Exist ?

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Where Does Our Universe Exist ?

Where Does Our Home Exists ?

This question was asked to me by many of the readers and I always say one thing to them "The Answer Of This Question Lies In The Answer Of This Question: Can you tell me if the cavity of your mouth is magnified by 10000001000 times than what will you see ? " Are you confused ? No surprise,80% of people who got this answer from me were confused ,so felt the need of writing this post.It is really typical to answer this question correctly,guesses are infinite but the correct answer doesn't exists.

Where Does Our Universe Exist ?

So,Where's My Answer ?

The answer is maybe unsatisfying but let me to tell it to you,the answer of this question is "Indefined".We can have a lot of guesses like,we are just a cavity which is very micro or we are lying on the tail of a dog.These are the guesses which I made,what do you think about the topic,comment !